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North Temperate Lakes LTER: Phytoplankton - Trout Lake Area 1984 - current


Phytoplankton samples from the seven LTER lakes in the Trout Lake area (Allequash, Big Muskellunge, Crystal, Sparkling, and Trout lakes and bog lakes 27-02 [Crystal Bog], and 12-15 [Trout Bog]) are collected six times per year at the deep hole sampling station at the same time our other limnological sampling is conducted. Sampling dates include winter under ice, spring mixis, June, July, August, and fall mixis. Phytoplankton samples are made into permanent slide mounts, 3 slides per sample, and are archived at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Zoology Museum. Slides are available for all years, however species identification and counts have not been done for all available slides. Sampling Frequency: 6 samples per year. Number of sites: 7
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North Temperate Lakes LTER: Phytoplankton - Trout Lake Area