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Microbial Observatory at North Temperate Lakes LTER Summary of Microbial Activity 2000 - 2002


Summary of Microbial Observatory data from the bacterial production, planktonic respiration and alakline phosphatase activity databases, plus bacterial cell counts from epifluorescence microscopy using DAPI cell stain. Information on integrated sample depth and incubation temperature is also included Sampling Frequency: fortnightly during ice-free season - every 6 weeks during ice-covered season Number of sites: 4
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Armstrong, D., S. Carpenter, G. Lauster, and E. Triplett. 2022. North Temperate Lakes LTER: Summary of Microbial Activity 2000 - 2002 ver 5. Environmental Data Initiative. Accessed 2023-04-01.

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Summary of Microbial Activity