US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Microbial Observatory at North Temperate Lakes LTER Microbial Bacterial Respiration in Lakes at North Temperate Lakes LTER 2000 - 2002


Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin. Bacterial respiration of bacteria passing a 70 micron mesh. Based on bacterial growth efficiency determined empirically on bacteria production and oxygen depletion on microbes passing a 1 micron mesh. All samples from integrated sample of epilimnion to thermocline or 12 meters, which ever was more shallow. Method based on Roland, F. and J. J. Cole. 1999. Regulation of bacterial growth efficiency in a large turbid estuary. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 20:31-38 Sampling Frequency: fortnightly during ice-free season - every 6 weeks during ice-covered season Number of sites: 1
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Microbial Bacterial Respiration