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LTREB Chemical and Physical Limnology at Lake Myvatn 2012-current


These data are part of a long-term monitoring program at station 33 in the central part of Myvatn that represents the dominant habitat, with benthos consisting of diatomaceous ooze. The program was designed to characterize import benthis and pelagic variables across years as midge populations varied in abundance. Starting in 2012 samples were taken at roughly weekly inervals during June, July, and August, which corresponds to the summer generation of the dominant midge, Tanytarsus gracilentus.
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Ives, A. 2015. LTREB Chemical and Physical Limnology at Lake Myvatn 2012-current ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative. Accessed 2021-05-08.


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Light, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, secchi disk data, and barometric pressure data collected for Lake Myvatn .
Benthic net primary production (NPP) data collected at Lake Myvatn. Variables measured include light, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, and oxygen saturation.
Sediment dry weight and weight on combustion from sediment collected from Lake Myvatn.
The purpose of this experiment is to determine the effect of varying levels of light on the 3h DO core incubations.
hourly weather data from the nearest Icelandic Meteorological Office weather station 4300, 65.6196 N, -16.9768 W. .) Data begins in 2010 and covers the period of May 1st – September 30th each year. Measurements include; air temp, wind direction, wind speed, and solar radiation.
30-min measurements of water temperature, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and phycocyanin from a semi-permanent Hydrolab DS5X sonde at the center of Lake Myvatn (St. 33)
nutrient analysis performed on water samples