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Lake Wingra: Fish Lengths and Weights 1995 - current


Data are collected annually to enable us to track the fish assemblages of Lake Wingra. Sampling is done at six littoral zone sites per lake with a beach seine, minnow or crayfish traps, and fyke nets, while a boat-mounted electrofishing system samples four littoral transects. Vertically hung gill nets are used to obtain two pelagic samples per lake from the deepest point. A trammel net samples across the thermocline at two nearshore sites per lake. Fish are identified to species. Lengths are measured for all fish caught, while weight and scale are collected from a subset. Derived data includes catch per unit effort and size distribution by species, lake, and year. Sampling Frequency: annually. Number of sites: 1. Note that 2020 data does not exist due to insufficient sampling.
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Magnuson, J.J., S.R. Carpenter, and E.H. Stanley. 2022. Lake Wingra: Fish Lengths and Weights 1995 - current ver 22. Environmental Data Initiative. Accessed 2023-01-27.

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Lake Wingra: Fish Lengths and Weights