A Global database of methane concentrations and atmospheric fluxes for streams and rivers

This dataset, referred to as MethDB, is a collation of publicly available values of methane (CH4) concentrations and atmospheric fluxes for world streams and rivers, along with supporting information on location, geographic, physical, and chemical conditions of the study sites. The data set is composed of four linked tables, corresponding to the data sources (Papers_MethDB), the study sites (Sites_MethDB), concentrations (Concentrations_MethDB), and influx/efflux rates (Fluxes_MethDB). Information was extracted from journal articles, government reports, book chapters, and similar sources that were acquired before 15 September 2015. Concentrations and fluxes were converted to a standard unit (micromoles per liter for concentration and millimoles per square meter per day for flux) and both the author-reported and converted data are included in the database. MethDB was assembled as part of a larger synthesis effort on stream and river CH4 dynamics, and assembled data were used to identify large-scale patterns and potential drivers of fluvial CH4 and to generate an updated global-scale estimate of CH4 emissions from world rivers.

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1969-01-01 to 2015-10-20

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