Biocomplexity at North Temperate Lakes LTER; Coordinated Field Studies: Riparian Plots 2001 - 2004

Living and dead trees and abiotic and anthropogenic characteristics of the shoreline were surveyed at 488 sites around lakes in Vilas County. These data were collected as part of the "cross-lake comparison" segment of the Biocomplexity Project (Landscape Context - Coordinated Field Studies). The study explored the links between terrestrial and aquatic systems across a gradient of residential development and lake landscape position. Specifically, this project attempted to relate the abundance of coarse wood in the littoral zone with abiotic, biotic and anthropogenic features of the adjacent shore. At each of the 488 sites, three 100 sq m plots, extending from the shoreline 10 m inland, were sampled. Additional plots farther inland were sampled at some sites. At each plot the survey team recorded the general appearance of the plot, measured all trees at least 5 cm dbh, measured and described downed wood and snags at least 10 cm in diameter, and recorded any overhanging trees. Saplings (at least 30 cm tall, but less than 5 cm dbh) were counted in two 5m x 5m plots per site. Sampling Frequency: each site sampled once Number of sites: 488 sites on 61 Vilas County lakes were sampled from 2001-2004 (approximately 15 different lakes each year; eight sites per lake).

Allequash Lake, Anvil Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Bass Lake, Big Lake, Birch Lake, Ballard Lake, Big Muskellunge Lake, Black Oak Lake, Big Portage Lake, Brandy Lake, Big St Germain Lake, Camp Lake, Crab Lake, Circle Lily, Carpenter Lake, Day Lake, Eagle Lake, Erickson Lake, Escanaba Lake, Found Lake, Indian Lake, Jag Lake, Johnson Lake, Jute Lake, Katinka Lake, Lake Laura, Little Croooked Lake, Little Spider Lake, Little St Germain Lake, Little Crawling Stone Lake, Little John Lake, Lac Du Lune Lake, Little Rock Lake - North, Lost Lake, Little Rock Lake - South, Little Star Lake, Little Arbor Vitae Lake, Lynx Lake, Mccollough Lake, Moon Lake, Morton Lake, Muskellunge Lake, Nebish Lake, Nelson Lake, Otter Lake, Oxbow Lake, Palmer Lake, Pioneer Lake, Pallete Lake, Papoose Lake, Round Lake, Star Lake, Sparkling Lake, Spruce Lake, Stormy Lake, Twin Lake South, Tenderfoot Lake, Towanda Lake, Upper Buckatabon Lake, Vandercook Lake, White Sand Lake,  Vilas County,  WI,  USA

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