Biocomplexity at North Temperate Lakes LTER; Coordinated Field Studies: Chemical Limnology 2001 - 2004

Chemical Limnology data collected for Biocomplexity Project; Landscape Context - Coordinated Field Studies Replicate chemical samples were pumped from the surface water (0.5m depth) and secchi depth was recorded at each lake. Temperature/dissolved oxygen profiles were taken throughout the water column at one meter intervals on all lakes. For more detail see the Water Sampling Protocol. Sampling Frequency: During 2001, temperature/dissolved oxygen profiles and secchi depths were taken twice during the stratified summer period. Chemistry samples were only taken once during the 2001 stratified period. From 2002 through 2004, all chemical and physical water samples were taken once during June (or resampled during the stratified period if June samples were bad). All lakes in which color, DIC/DOC, and chlorophyll samples were taken in 2001 were resampled in 2002 due to error in collection and/or analysis. Number of sites: 62 Vilas County lakes were sampled from 2001-2004 (approximately 15 different lakes each year).

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2001-09-21 to 2004-09-15

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