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These data are the results of the chemical analysis of sediment core samples taken in Big Spring Creek, WI (wbic=176400). Chemical analysis were done on samples collected on two different sampling dates, June 10, 2005 and June 24, 2005. The samples collected on June 10, 2005 were collected from the floodplain and channel of the Big Spring Reservoir (Big Spring Pond). The samples collected on June 24, 2005 were collected from the channel of Big Spring Creek. The locations where sediment cores were taken are the same as Stephen Powers Dissertation: Big Spring Creek Sediment Analysis, however sub-samples of sediment cores were collected for chemical analysis. In total samples were collected and analyzed for 31 different sampling sites. The analytes that were measured include NH4, KCl-NH4, NO3, KCl-NO3, SRP, and NaOH-P.
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