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Intervention_Category: Regulation/Standard; Intervention_Subcategory: general land use; Ag1_NonAg2_Both3: 3; Rulemaking_Agenc_.Level: State, County; Implementing_Agency_Level: County, Municipal; Promulgating_Policies: WI Stat Ch NR 115, 117 Wisconsin's Shoreland Protection Program, Dane Co Ch 11 Shoreland, Shoreland-Wetland and Inland-Wetland Regulation, Columbia and Rock Counties Ordinances; Short_Intervention_Description: Wisconsin Code Ch. NR 115 regulates land disturbing activities within 1000ft of high water mark of lake, pond, or flowage. (Surface Water Quality Management Area (SWQMA) Permit required).; Intervention_area_ha: 16904.81; Data_Sources: WI DNR waterbodies GIS layer.; Mapping_Rationale: 1000m buffer around lakes and ponds.
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