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Intervention_Category: Direct Management; Intervention_Subcategory: agricultural erosion; Ag1_NonAg2_Both3: 1; Rulemaking_Agenc_.Level: Federal, State, County; Implementing_Agency_Level: County; Promulgating_Policies: Aids in compliance with: NRCS Code 590 Nutrient Management Practice Standard; WI Stats Ch 92, NR 243, ATCP 50; Dane County Ch. 14; Funded in part by federal and state renewable energy grants; Short_Intervention_Description: The manure digester, in Waunakee as of March 2011, removes 50% of the phosphorus from the manure produced by 3 dairy farms.; Intervention_area_ha: 292.8866; Data_Sources: Digitized from Google Earth, July 2012. ; Mapping_Rationale: Digester and 3 farms parcels
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