US Long-Term Ecological Research Network

North Temperate Lakes LTER Meteorological Data - Woodruff Airport 1989 - current

Meteorological measurements are being gathered at a site at the Noble F. Lee municipal airport located at Woodruff, WI for three purposes: 1) to supplement the data from the raft on Sparkling and Trout Lakes used for evaporation calculations, and 2) to provide standard meteorological measurements for the North Temperate Lakes site, and 3) to measure radiation for primary production studies in the study lakes at the site. The following parameters are measured at 1-minute intervals: 1) air temperature at 1.5 m above ground, 2) relative humidity at 1.5 m above ground, 3) wind speed and direction and peak wind speed at 3 m above ground, 4) total long-wave radiation, 5) total short-wave radiation, 6) photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), 7) total solar radiation, and 8) total precipitation. High resolution data is taken typically at 1 minute intervals as well as 1-hour and 24-hour averages. Half-hourly averages of PAR and shortwave radiation are also stored. Precipitation data are summed for 5-minute intervals during periods of detectable precipitation. Derived data included in this data set include dew point temperature as well as daily minimum and maximum values for some parameters. Number of sites: 1. Date/time is Central Standard Time (GMT - 06:00) throughout the year.
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