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Biocomplexity at North Temperate Lakes LTER; Coordinated Field Studies: Zooplankton Presence/Absence 2001 - 2004

Zooplankton samples were taken at approximately the deepest part of 58 lakes included in the "cross-lake comparison" segment of the Biocomplexity Project. The samples were from years 2001 through 2004. The study lakes are located in Vilas County, Wisconsin and were chosen to represent a range of positions on gradients of both human development and landscape position. Zooplankton samples were analyzed for planktonic crustacean and insect species. Number of sites: 58 Sampling Frequency: each site sampled once
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Wisconsin Net samplesLower the Wisconsin net to the bottom sample depth ( top of the net should be one meter above the bottom). Pull it up slowly at a rate of about 3 seconds per meter. A slow haul prevents the net from pushing water and plankton away from the mouth of the net. To drain the cup swirl it until the water level is below the lower mesh window, then pour contents into the sample jar. Avoid inverting the cup while swirling, as you will lose the sample into the net. Rinse the inside of the cup with 95percent ETOH several times adding the rinse to the sample jar. Wait until the chemistry crew member is finished taking Temp or D.O. profile before taking the Wisconsin net sample, so as not to stir up the sediments. Take replicate sample.
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