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WSC - Soil moisture, temperature, and water potential at Wibu field site

Soil moisture, temperature, and water potential measurements for 3 locations within Wibu field site: (1) WIBU-6, which is characterized by deep (greater than6 m) groundwater and coarse soil; (2) WIBU-7, which is characterized by intermediate (2-4 m) groundwater and intermediate soil; (3) WIBU-8, which is characterized by shallow (0-3 m) groundwater and fine soil. For more information about the soil and groundwater levels, see other datasets from this field site. The Wibu field site is a commercial agricultural field, which grew corn in the 2012, 2013, and 2014 growing seasons. See Zipper and Loheide (2014) Ag. For. Met. for more information about the field site.
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Soil moisture and temperature were collected using Decagon 5TM sensors at depths of 10, 35, and 65 cm at each site, and an additional deeper site (90 cm for W6, 110 cm for W7, and 125 cm for W8). Soil water potential was collected at 35 cm at each site using a Decagon MPS2 sensor. All data were collected at 15-minute resolution and stored in a Decagon EM-50G datalogger. Sensors were installed after planting (April-May) and removed prior to harvest (September-October) in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Installation was done by digging a soil pit adjacent to a planted strip and installing sensors into the undisturbed face, so that sensors were directly beneath plants.
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