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North Temperate Lakes LTER Soil Temperature - Woodruff Airport 2006 - current

Soil temperature data are being gathered at a site at the Noble F. Lee municipal airport located at Woodruff, WI. Soil temperature is measured at depths of 0.05m, 0.1m and 0.5m at 1-minute intervals. High resolution data are collected (typically at 10 minute intervals) along with 1-hour and 24-hour averages. Daily minimum and maximum soil temperatures and the times these occur are reported for these same depths. Data are automatically updated into the database every six hours. Prior to August 2006, only hourly averaged data are available. Starting in 2008, soil temperatures are only available from 0.5m depth. Sampling frequency: varies for instantaneous samples; averaged to hourly and daily values from one minute samples. Number of sites: 1.
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