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North Temperate Lakes LTER Processed eddy covariance time series fluxes from tower located on roof of the CFL building oriented toward Lake Mendota 2012 - current

We calculated eddy covariance based fluxes of CO2, H2O, heat, and momentum to study lake-atmosphere exchanges since 2012. These data were collected by Ankur Desai from 2012 to present using a CSAT-3 sonic anemometer and LI-7500 gas analyzer located on the roof of the CFL building. A footprint model (Kljun) was used to screen for lake only data.
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Sonic anemometer: Campbell Scientific, Inc. CSAT-3
Gas analyzer: Licor, Inc. LI-7500
We merged data from the CFL Lake Mendota David buoy for air temperature and water temperature (1st level), and also the AOSS rooftop RIG tower for incoming solar radiation. These data were used in the analysis presented in Reed et al (2017) based on gap-filling conducted with REddyProc.
Methodology: Reed, D.R., Dugan, H., Flannery, A., and Desai, A.R., 2017. The carbon sink and source see-saw of a eutrophic deep lake Limnology and Oceanography Letters, #LOL2-17-0040, submitted.
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