US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Regional ecosystem comparison using a standardized NDVI approach
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This paper investigates the variability of landscape data collected at regional extents. The work started after compilation of results from a workshop (Kratz et al., 1995) investigating variability across large spatial scales within sites of t,he Long term Ecological Research Network (LTER), a program of the National Science Foundation. (Franklin et al., 1990, Van Cleve and Martin, 1991). The workshop focused on variability in data from a large number of physical, chemical and biological factors. The difficulty with these data were that few, if any measurements were directly comparable due to the wide range of temporal and spatial scales at which they were collected, and a lack of standardization in methodology. This paper focuses on variability in information obtained from standardized satellite data as a way to reduce uncertainty of information collected in less standardized methods. It expands on previous work (Vande Castle, 1994) and other efforts to integrate large spatial scales into long-term ecological research.
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Vancouver, BC
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