US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Training environmental information managers of the future
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Complex issues confronting scientists and policymakers require interdisciplinary collaboration and synthesis at much larger spatial and temporal scales than are typical in traditional ecological studies. In this complex research environment, all scientists need some background in bio-informatics and computational ecology Here, we focus on the more intensive training needed for environmental information managers. Scientific information management is emerging as a discipline that emphasizes the effective transformation of data into information that is used to address these complex issues. Synthetic, data-intensive projects will be even more common in the future and will require trained information managers who have skills beyond the custodial and archival functions that data managers have had in the past. We outline an environmental information management training program that will focus on the link between science and technology. Students will complete core curriculum modules offered at the University of New Mexico and Oregon State University and will then do internships at participating Long-Term Ecological Research sites.
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Lake Buena Vista, Florida
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