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Primary productivity of three northern Wisconsin lakes, 1985-1987
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Primary production studies have been carried out since 1985 at the Northern Temperate Lakes - Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) site in Northern Wisconsin, USA, as part of the University of Wisconsin’s long term studies of a suite of lakes (MAGNUSON et al. 1984, KRATZ et al. 1986). It is expected that such studies on these lakes will be continued many years into the future, to assess long term patterns in the dynamics of processes occurring in these lakes. In fact, the primary productivity research is only one component of a much larger group of studies on these lakes. A more generalized description of the LTER program on these lakes in Wisconsin is available elsewhere (MAGNUSON et al. 1984, KRATZ et al. 1986). In this paper we report only on the results of measurements and modelled calculations of primary productivity in three of the lakes, for the icefree seasons of the years 1985-1987.