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Towards automated statewide land cover mapping in Wisconsin using satellite remote sensing and GIS techniques
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Natural resource decision making is becoming more complex as we place more emphasis on maintaining and enhancing environmental quality, often in direct opposition to natural resource development. There is increasing demand for accurate and timely data, and in particular land cover data, to support natural resource decision making. Likewise, automated land cover data are providing an increasingly important source of scientific information for monitoring and mapping the Earth’s surface features. Funded by the USDA Soil Conservation Service, an initial research project is being performed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Environmental Remote Sensing Center (ERSC) in conjunction with seven local, state, and federal agencies. The basis, progress, and future research needs for a repetitive statewide automated land cover mapping program in Wisconsin are presented. The research efforts are directed towards strategies that integrate satellite remote sensing and geographical information system (GIS) techniques in the generation of land cover data for multiple users of land cover information.
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Baltimore, MD
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