US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
Primary productivity of three northern Wisconsin lakes, 1985-1990
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In this paper we report results from our continuing study of primary production of three lakes of the Northern Temperate Lakes· Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program in Northern Wisconsin, USA. The primary productivity research is part of a larger group of studies designed to assess long term patterns in the dynamics of processes in these lakes. The lakes on which we are measuring primary productivity are Crystal, Sparkling and Trout Lakes. The important limnological characteristics of these lakes, with respect to the study on primary productivity, are detailed in an earlier publication (ADAMS et al. 1990) in which we reported the results of the initial three years of results of our work. The earlier paper provided a preliminary assessment of the data available at that time, and a discussion of the nature of the trophic status of the lakes. In this paper we report on the subsequently determined three years of results, incorporate the data with information from the first three years, and begin to look for trends within the data sets.