US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
  The Center for Limnology is the administrative home of NTL LTER:
Hasler Lab Hasler Laboratory for Limnology located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and serving NTL's southern lakes field sites.
Trout Lake Station in the Northern Highland Lake District at Boulder Junction near NTL's northern lakes field sites.

Applied Population Laboratory

The Applied Population Laboratory (APL) is a group of research and outreach professionals located within the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The APL provides information solutions through a unique set of skills that unites applied demography; spatial information and analysis; community development and planning; and information applications...

 Water Science Lab The Water Science and Engineering Laboratory

Landscape Ecology Lab

We use field studies, spatial data and geographic information systems (GIS), and computer simulation modeling to examine the causes and consequences of spatial pattern in ecology. We are primarily a terrestrial ecology research group, but our work includes the interface between terrestrial and aquatic systems...


Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment

Performing interdisciplinary research on people and the planet... exploring possible futures by bridging science, policy, and practice... At the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE), we examine the connections between natural resources, technology and policy, human health and security, and changes in the global environment.

EFM Environmental Fluid Mechanics Lab